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Dental tourism
in Ukraine

The European level of service but at Ukrainian prices
Why is it advisable to treat your teeth in Ukraine?
The lowest prices
Being situated in periphery of Europe, Ukraine can offer a high European dental service, wherein the prices are lower in 2, 3 or even 4 times than those in Europe.
The high level of doctors
The high competition allows the leading dental clinics of Ukraine to offer the highest level of services. The dentists work at the newest equipment and regularly attend all the international dental programmes in order to increase the level of qualification.
Discover the rich traditions
and history of Ukraine
Very hospitable people, one of the most delicious cuisines of the world and lots of cultural and natural sights annually attract to the country more than 30 million of tourists.
Tooth and
gum treatment
Fees at Healthy Dent
Dental caries treatment
Straightening of teeth
(orthodontic treatment)
from € 16
from € 257
from € 219
from € 172
Dental implants
(crowns, dentures, veneers)
How to start your treatment? First step – consultation
Free of charge! Doctor of the highest category will have a look at your panoramic X-ray, take into consideration all your wishes, make the calculations and draw up the preliminary plan of treatment. You can send us your panoramic dental X-ray in advance.
Dental clinic Healthy Dent cares about your health and well-being
Dental insurance treatment
We will provide you with all the necessary documents in order for you to receive compensation from your insurance company. When visiting us, don’t forget your insurance plan and we’ll prepare for you all the necessary documentation.
of implantologists, therapists, orthopedists are always free of charge.
More than 8500
for more than 10 years of successful work in Ukraine.
30 types of
starting from caries treatment to dental surgery.
Start now!
Contact us, describe all your desires regarding your treatment and our specialists will draw up the preliminary plan of treatment for you. You can send us your panoramic dental X-ray in advance.
European dental treatment in Ukraine
We are very glad to welcome foreign guests in our clinic. The Ukrainian-Swiss dental clinic Healthy Dent is equipped with the advanced European dental facilities, but what is more important for us – are the unique doctors whose knowledge and skills are confirmed by more than a 7-year experience of successful work and by international certificates.
Our clinic works according to the Swiss standards of quality. Our doctors speak English. Please contact us in any dental case, either in dental caries treatment, prosthetics, or even in case of dental surgery. Our specialists possess skills in more than 30 types of operations that is why they will definitely conduct the right treatment, even if you have a very special case.